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Concert for the Climate is a FREE musically informative event focused on exploring the global impact of climate change and the steps each individual can take to reduce their impact on the earth.

What about rain? Our River Stage will have a tent over the speakers area and band area. Certainly bring your umbrella. All of our exhibitors are in either the Exhibitors' Tent or in their own smaller tents or canopies. I am sure folks will gather there should it rain. Here is the Event Map Layout.

Bring your camp chairs and blankets for enjoying our music and speeches in this nature setting.

Inspiring Speakers

A Beautiful Location

Dedicated Supporters

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Keynote speaker, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is a resolute defender of the environment who has inspired organizations across the globe.
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Bill McKibben
Special Guest William Ernest "Bill" McKibben is an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming.
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Kaw Point Amphitheatre
Kaw Point Amphitheatre overlooking the confluence of the Missouri and Kaw where the main speeches and environmental music will be seen and heard.
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Kaw Point Scenic View
In the heart of Kansas City in the heart of America, Kaw Point has trails, history, and a story few are aware of. A magical event location.
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Supporters Missouri Gas Energy Kansas City Power & Light Kansas City, MIssouri & EnergyWorks Clean Cities Metropolitan Energy Center Sierra Club - Kanza Group Mid-America Electric Auto Association Posty Cards Unified Government HUEE t2 Studios BPU National Resources Defence Council



















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